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passionate designer & illustrator


sanjibbora creative cover designer artist and illustrator Guwahati Assam android developer and UI UX designer 

email:  Phone: 9859534398, 9531068981

about sanjib bora

Dr Sanjib Bora

a well-known artist and freelance creative designer from  Assam.    working as an Illustrator and Graphic artist for the renown Assamese monthly Goriyashi from the house of The Assam Tribune Pvt. Ltd; since 2011 and also for the major Publications of Assam since 2010.  He illustrates and designs literary fiction and non-fiction book covers. And, Android UI & UX.

a passionate graphic designer with an interest in working with like-minded people in creative environments.

an assistant professor at Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University (KKHSOU) Guwahati, Assam

art editor for the assamese monthly 'anyayug'.

former illustrator and graphic artist for the well-known Assamese monthly 'Gariyoshi', published by The Assam Tribune Pvt. Ltd. Working also for major publication houses of Assam since 2010.  Illustrates and designs literary fiction and non-fiction book covers and Android UI & UX.

former assistant professor, Pragjyotish College, Guwahati.

former visual art & communication design guest teacher in the Department of Communication and Journalism, Gauhati University, Guwahati.


former UGC Senior Research Fellow.

a bachelor of fine art, master of arts and a doctorate.

Lives in Guwahati with his wife Pallavi Mahanta, Daughter Moupiya Murcchana and Rim-Jim, two pet budgies.



Goriyashi | Illustrator & Designer | Responsible for monthly Illustrations & special cover designs since 2011.

Dainik Asam |  Freelancer | Illustrates stories since 2019.

ParkingRhino | UI Designer | UI design for the android based app 2013.

AHSEC | Freelancer Designer | Design book covers since 2016.

JuceUp | Creative Lead | Branding, and app UI design since 2017.

Sunbird India | Creative Lead | Illustrations and Book cover and promotional assets since 2017

VitaDim | Creative Lead | Branding, Packaging and advertising assets since 2018

Annesha | Freelance Illustrator | Illustrates comics and storybooks since 2018.


Anyayug | Art Editor Responsible for overall visual output since 2020.

Assam Publishing Company | Freelancer Designer | Book Cover Designer since 2012.

Panchajanya | Freelance Designer | Design book covers since 2011.

Banalata | Freelancer Designer | Design book covers since 2015

Purbayon | Creative Lead | Design book cover and assets since 2016.

Puthitirtha | Freelancer | Design book cover and assets since 2016.

DeeTechSolution | Graphics& UI Designer | Web Image and UI design since 2016.

KharkhowaFoods | Creative Lead | Branding, Packaging and advertising assets since 2017. | Creative Lead | Branding, Slides and Social media creative advertising assets since 2017.

AssamHealthCareCoopSociety Ltd | Creative Lead | Branding and Advertising assets since 2018.

IMPECT | | Design Associate | Web UI and assets since 2018.

ThaluaSwad | Creative Lead | Branding, Packaging and advertising assets since 2018.

Seuji-Seuji | Freelance Designer | Responsible for monthly cover designs since 2018.

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